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About 2 months ago I was happily putting the finishing touches on my PG Strike Freedom when in the last part of the assembly I managed to break off a piece that was holding the wings into place. Not only was this a very important part but it also broke off at the very joint making it pretty much impossible to fix.



After being furious for a few minutes, considering I just spent $300 on a kit that I am unable to complete, I went straight online searching how this could be fixed and if at all possible, order a new part. It took me a couple of days of searching the web but in the end I found out about Gentei Kits ( .

Gentei Kits is based in Japan and all the parts are ordered directly from Bandai Japan. Correct me if I am wrong but I would say this is the only company that lets you order individual parts instead of ordering a whole runner. They charge 180 Yen per part and if you want a whole runner instead there is no fixed price but you would just count 180 times the number of parts on a single runner.

They have a huge amount of available kits to chose from and I am sure, everyone will be able to find their own even if it is a very old one. Once you locate the wanted kit, then you go about specifying the exact runner and the numbered part on it. Since I placed the order it took about 3 weeks to receive the package. The reason for this is because they first have to check with Bandai if they have it in stock and then order the part. Here is how the whole process looks by date when you place your order:


PP Invoice #****                                           2013.09.16 18:31:47

Order status changed to "Parts Paid"         2013.09.16 22:23:00

Order status changed to "Parts Ordered"  2013.09.24 00:56:32

Order status changed to "Parts Arrived"    2013.09.30 01:48:09

Tracking #*************                                  2013.09.30 02:31:49




New part inserted, kit complete \m/ 

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