Hong Kong haul

It took me a while but I managed to find a shop that sells mainly Perfect Grade Gundams. Besides that it had many hobby tools and paints as well for anyone new into gunpla or willing to go an extra step and use different paint schemes for their projects.

I was overwhelmed by their selection but due to limited amount of space I had and already asking 2 people to help me bring these back I went for Aile Striker, Zeta Gundam, Strike Gundam and RX-178. Luckily the customs in Dubai saw nothing more than just bunch of plastic pieces on their x-ray screen, which avoided me explaining what these massive boxes contain.

As I will be putting these together 1 by 1, I will also post a review on each and the pros and cons of the build and overall quality. For now heres my haul from HKG \m/

P.S. GTA5 is there for size comparison but also something to keep me busy while my fingers recover from the cuts of my hobby knife on a daily basis :P

Nemanja RakicComment