GenteiKits parts service no more :(

This is pretty much the only place you can get a spare part for your broken Gundam and this morning I was greeted by this message:

" Unfortunately we have been forced to suspend our parts service indefinitely. If your order is in "Parts Ordered" your order will be fulfilled as normal. Otherwise we chould have contacted/refunded you. " 


Perfect Grade Aile Strike Gundam


Perfect Grade Strike Gundam, said by many to be the best PG out there. I decided to get one and see for myself. The box is slightly smaller than most PG boxes out there but as a completed kit it stands large and proud just like the rest of them. In order to become "Aile Strike" , you need to buy a separate PG kit (Skygrasper) that actually completes this one. By no means is PG Strike an incomplete kit, it just becomes even better once the thrust boosters are added to the back of it.

The frame of Strike Gundam is so good that it was re-used for PG Astray Red Frame. Articulation is great, giving you an oppurtunity to put him in many poses. Every body part, every joint is movable. For the lower part of the body you also get 3 diecast pieces. One for the waist and the other two for each leg. This gives it extra weight which in my opinion is great. Makes you feel like you got your moneys worth when you hold something built out of hundreds of pieces that is heavy and very sturdy. 


While building the shoulder pads, one folding piece is snug so losely that I was wondering later on will it keep falling off. Luckily theres a couple of pieces around it that should keep it in place though. This is pretty much the only complaint I have. Hands (fingers) are made of many joints and already put together. Feel free to press on them hard because they are a bit stiff in the beginning. The shield design is probably my favourite bit. Looks awesome, plenty detail for an oppurtunity to do some weathering.

It took me about 4 days to build it. Another plus for this kit is that it is not sticker heavy. I am not a fan of adding 50+ tiny stickers especially if you use top coat since this makes them very visable especially on darker surfaces. 



Overall i give this kit two thumbs up! If I had to be picky I'd say the led construction for the eyes to light up is a bit annoying. You need to keep 4 tiny pieces in place in order to close and secure them from the top. Easier said than done  Is it the best PG out there? I will know once I build more of them and slowly go back in time with the older, more screws heavy kits. That humongous sword is already worth the kit!

GenteiKits parts service

About 2 months ago I was happily putting the finishing touches on my PG Strike Freedom when in the last part of the assembly I managed to break off a piece that was holding the wings into place. Not only was this a very important part but it also broke off at the very joint making it pretty much impossible to fix.



After being furious for a few minutes, considering I just spent $300 on a kit that I am unable to complete, I went straight online searching how this could be fixed and if at all possible, order a new part. It took me a couple of days of searching the web but in the end I found out about Gentei Kits ( .

Gentei Kits is based in Japan and all the parts are ordered directly from Bandai Japan. Correct me if I am wrong but I would say this is the only company that lets you order individual parts instead of ordering a whole runner. They charge 180 Yen per part and if you want a whole runner instead there is no fixed price but you would just count 180 times the number of parts on a single runner.

They have a huge amount of available kits to chose from and I am sure, everyone will be able to find their own even if it is a very old one. Once you locate the wanted kit, then you go about specifying the exact runner and the numbered part on it. Since I placed the order it took about 3 weeks to receive the package. The reason for this is because they first have to check with Bandai if they have it in stock and then order the part. Here is how the whole process looks by date when you place your order:


PP Invoice #****                                           2013.09.16 18:31:47

Order status changed to "Parts Paid"         2013.09.16 22:23:00

Order status changed to "Parts Ordered"  2013.09.24 00:56:32

Order status changed to "Parts Arrived"    2013.09.30 01:48:09

Tracking #*************                                  2013.09.30 02:31:49




New part inserted, kit complete \m/ 

Hong Kong haul

It took me a while but I managed to find a shop that sells mainly Perfect Grade Gundams. Besides that it had many hobby tools and paints as well for anyone new into gunpla or willing to go an extra step and use different paint schemes for their projects.

I was overwhelmed by their selection but due to limited amount of space I had and already asking 2 people to help me bring these back I went for Aile Striker, Zeta Gundam, Strike Gundam and RX-178. Luckily the customs in Dubai saw nothing more than just bunch of plastic pieces on their x-ray screen, which avoided me explaining what these massive boxes contain.

As I will be putting these together 1 by 1, I will also post a review on each and the pros and cons of the build and overall quality. For now heres my haul from HKG \m/

P.S. GTA5 is there for size comparison but also something to keep me busy while my fingers recover from the cuts of my hobby knife on a daily basis :P