Sub-Zero lifesize bust by PopCultureShock

I was nine years old when I moved to South Africa with my parents and our first visit to a mall I saw an arcade and decided to check it out. The one game that had my attention was Mortal Kombat. All I saw was blood and gore and digitized martial artist beating the crap out of each other. Instantly I was hooked and since that day I was a fan of the franchise that is going strong to this day. Fast forward 20 years and here I am staring at a website offering a life-size bust of one of the most iconic characters in the MK universe. I do not collect statues however when I saw this bust and the announcement of another one of my favorite character I was blown away. 

At first I was holding off on buying this thinking I should only get the Scorpion bust once it arrives. By the time I wanted to buy one, it has been long sold out. Did I mention only 100 of these exist in the world? I made sure to pre order Scorpion life size bust as soon as it was available but had an itch to try and find Sub-Zero as well. Lets just clear up one thing, these things don't come cheap, especially a quantity of only 100 pieces not cheap. Luckily one forum member came to my rescue and offered me the bust for the original retail price which was just pure luck and him being fair, not wanting to flip a statue for profit but rather get his money back and invest someplace else. 

Some people would say I am crazy to spend money on this but for us fans/collectors its not about the money, its the nostalgia factor, something that will always remind me of my childhood and the best parts of it. Without a doubt this is the most awesome thing I have in my room right now and don't ever see parting with it. Once the Scorpion life size bust arrives (100 pieces as well) my collection of the two biggest enemies in gaming history will be complete. I will not waste time on explaining how perfectly sculpted it is so here are a few shots of this very rare piece. Bring on Mortal Kombat X!


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